7 Female Friends Every Woman Needs

friendshipsWe all claim to have a ton of friends and whilst checking out certain Instagram profiles I don’t doubt your as tight with your bestie as you say you are, we all have a gaggle of friends from different places. We have those friends from way back when in school, our single friend, our grown up, married with a family friend and then there are the fun going out friends and the trustworthy friend we flight too when we have a problem.

I could go on but I guess you get the idea here about the amount of different friends us women can have all in one go. As women we take our friendships seriously, messing with my main bitch isn’t even an option! But then it got me thinking, can I honestly just say I have that one BFF or do I have a little squad of them? Each friend I count as close is different so of course I got the trusty iPad out and made a quirks list of each one (Sorry guys) so I’m sharing my list with you lovely lot.  I give to you…. 6 friends that you need in your life.

The Hustling Bitch

This would be your grown up friend who is just slaying in the world of business and money, she’s an overall good egg but not a lady you want to mess with. I have a friend who is currently bossing life, she owns her own business, dating a high flyer, owns her own home and yet somehow finds the time to do business mentoring with the more unsuccessful business types like myself. This is the friend that puts your shit in order and makes you realise you are currently going nowhere in life any time soon.

The ‘I Don’t Want To Offend You But…’ Friend

This is the friend that stops at no bullshit so if you have a soft ego and don’t like criticism you might want to rethink about adding this little lady to your addition, but I highly advise against it! Friends like the no bullshitter friend will make you appreciative in the long run, they are the one that will tell you how it is and make you see the clarity of clear decisions. This friend is a much-needed addition as they aid you to see things from a different perspective and encourage you to grow or make better decisions. There will be times where you think they are out to hurt you, but they aren’t. They are your second conscience.

The Mother Hen Friend

Your business bossing babe of a friend is busy and your no bullshit friend has told you the honest truth so your feeling pretty damn lonely? Oui? In steps the Mother Hen friend. This is your soft and mother hen of the friendship group. She is there to pour the wine with a shoulder to cry on after your long-term boyfriend has cheated on you for the 5th time, or the no bullshit friend has hurt your feelings with the honest truth. This is the friend that tells you exactly what you want to hear and gives a massage to that little bruised ego of yours.

This is your empathetic mirror angel of a friend who is down with you when you’re down, and up beat happy with you when you’re ecstatic.

The Bad Influencer

This is the friend we all probably have too many of, god knows our parents tried to keep us away from the likes of these friends at school.  This is your friend that will push you to the point of excitement and adrenaline. She is the one that will make you buy that pair of shoes whilst your biting your lip with indecision, she’s the one that will open the second bottle of wine because ”why not, might as well, one is one, two is fun” this is the oh so slightly dangerous friend that says things like “whats the worst that can happen” She is fun and exciting, makes you feel alive and really, hanging out with her a bit more often…. well whats the worst that can happen? (Guess what kind of friend I am haha!)

The Grown Up Friend

If you’re married, she’s single. If you have kids, she doesn’t. If you’re selling all your stuff and traveling for a year, she just bought a house. You get the picture. This friend is more like a portal of the future, she is the exact polar opposite of you. The majority of my friends are now in this stage of life, of buying houses, marrying and buying little fluffy dogs together and even though it can be a little tough to find time to hang out (chances are your schedules could not be more opposite,) you will always make time for each other but it’ll be a very different relationship to that of your other friends.

The Always On The Go Friend

This is the go get it lady of your friendship group. She is the one that drags you from the tresses of your bed gets you out of your PJs and in the hottest clubs. She is well-connected, popular has all the right contacts and is the and the ultimate smooth talker. If every friend comes with a trick of the trade hers is to show you how to work a room to your advantage. Oh, and she’s probably the best person on the planet to get you that certain persons number, open that door, or set you up on a new path. This friendship doesn’t just go one way, either. Since she’s always invited somewhere, you get to be that glamorous plus one!

The Oldie But A Goodie

Your friendship group wouldn’t be complete without the final lady standing. The Historian of the group. We all, at some point need that extra added advice and its often found in a friend who is older than you and walked different paths. She’s often not your BFF but she is always there when you need her in your major life milestones. Found out your pregnant? Can’t make ends meet? Want a career change? Cant remember what happened way back when? She is your gal! For me, this is my friend Jen. She is always there for every problem ever, we don’t speak every day but whenever I don’t have a clue, I can guarantee you she does! This is the friend who sticks by you through shit times and best times.



What sort of friend are you?

Do you have these 7 main friends in your group? I want to know! X



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I am a southwest -based lifestyle blogger, editor, wifey, mummy to one small human and one fluffy spaniel. This means I am mostly found either with coffee in my hand reviewing lovely cafes, events, pop ups and other hidden gems around the countryside, mooching in the markets, with my head in a book, or hiding in my office working on my job as an editor & copywriter where the city life comes alive in me. I also used to teach pre-school, but that’s a whole other story… I write a lifestyle blog, which means I cover all subjects from food, fashion and beauty through to crafting, interiors, and travel and all the things in between. I am always looking for new and inspiring things to write about and sharing is caring so please drop me your suggestions.

9 thoughts on “7 Female Friends Every Woman Needs

  1. My group of the closest friends includes 4 males & 2 females haha. I donmt know, I’ve never had that many female friends that I could fit all seven to my group of friends 😀 this was a fun read though!


  2. I think I am the grown up friend haha my friend is starting to go travelling and I just bought a house! I will be travelling soon as well, but at first glance that is the category I slot into.


  3. I think I might be the Oldie but a Goodie friend. I guess I just believe in the old phrase, “Make new friends but keep the old.” These are all spot on. All totally represented in my friend group.


  4. I think I have ALL of those! ahhahahah! I can relate a lot omg! such a great post! I think i am the mother hen! ahhahaha!


  5. i might be the bad influence friend haha…but I need an “I don’t want to offend you…” friend! I like those kinds of friends, they tell you whats up and know that your friendship is strong enough to withstand any criticism!


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