Tuesday Smoooseday.

The joy of working for yourself, being the boss lady and grabbing the pleasure of working from your own home comforts means that on some days you get to like 1.30pm and realise all you’ve achieved is a shower, a face full of makeup for like no one because leaving the house wasn’t on the agenda for today and you’ve perhaps over achieved a huge amount of instagram stalking.

That would have been my day today. Happy Tuesday guys! I’m currently waiting on the child to roll in from holiday club with an abundance of crafty crap. The day I had planned to whisk my laptop away for a romantic date in Starbucks was soon slapped down when I realised that I actually had no motivation what so ever because sitting my ass down on the sofa at 11am was a total mistake and all motivation had seeped out of me and into those luxurious cushions!

So, I’m sitting around waiting for M to get home from school and J to arrive home from work so that I can take McCrorie the Mac of to some quiet pub corner somewhere and crack on with my plans for world domination.

And with every minute I waste refreshing my countless social media platforms and my bank balance waiting for a miracle, a little part of my go-get-em attitude slips away and dies a quiet death.

And then I start to feel anxious and the guilt kicks in, I’m like why am I just so unproductive, why am I feeling so stupid and slow, why am I failing to be the badass blogger who rocks out like 8 posts a week, does this make me a bad blogger? Am I only writing to myself? Does anyone actually read this crap?

The downward spiral of being left with your own undistracted head, eh? Procrastination, I salute you, you cruel feeling of self loathing…

So, instead, I guess I am going to embrace the feeling by doing what I do best – I am sitting in my mum jeans and a jumper that is big enough to camp a family of 4 in with a cuppa in my hand, the dog asleep at the bottom of my feet and waffling to my heart’s content to you lot.

I will eventually at some point today empower myself to crack on with my plans for world domination regardless of my lack of enthusiasm. Surely once I start I’ll feel better, right? I’m in need of moral support I think?

My plan for the remainder of today is to write whatever this ramble of a post is, to make more coffee and to plan a couple of other posts – maybe for today, maybe for the weekend and maybe for Monday. Is there anything in particular you guys would actually like to read? Hit me up with your ideas!

I need to photograph and get some clothes onto eBay because lets face it, I don’t think I will ever be as skinny and leggy as I was once was pre-child so I might as well wave goodbye to the tiny sequin skirt from Asos that made my legs look good and the dress I bought for a wedding that had the perfect mix of marriage material and ‘you dont want her meeting her mum’ written all over it.

I’d like to get a couple of clothes washes out the way before the weekend sets in and probably gaze lovingly into the bottom of my washing basket because I won’t lie to you, its been a bloody long time since I saw the bottom of that bad boy. I honestly don’t know how we go through so many clothes in this house, its like I’m living with a herd of teenagers; and I should probably make banana bread with the bananas in the pantry before they start sprouting banana trees of their very own or start attracting wildlife from the outside world.

And maybe, just maybe, I might actually leave the house today, if only to show off my said amazing makeup to whichever lovely lucky lady serves me in Tesco.

So that’s me, that is Tuesday so far.

Also, I woke up today hurting in places where I didn’t even think muscles existed. About 2 years ago I bought a slender tone belt on one of my ‘I’m going to get oh so toned and bronzed’ phases, evidently I failed as I’m still as white as Elsa’s hair and as short and plump as a weeble. But yesterday I thought we would try again, it’s defiantly the beginning of phase two 2017 bronzed and toned… obviously hurting like I was I stood for ages in the mirror this morning and convinced myself I looked demo more toned than I did 24 hours previously. WRONG. The caramel latte and muffin I had for breakfast this morning from Starbucks saw to that.

That can happen though right? One hardcore session of slender tone which equals the equivalent to 240 sit ups can turn my body into the body double of Megan Fox, yes? I’m asking for a friend… obviously!

On a side note from my not so adventurous and glamorous blogger life I really want a trip to ikea, I want to get my hands on a photo rail for above the bed, rather than having the same three canvases we have had through 4 house moves! I’m pretty sure those canvases have seen more action than some if you know what I mean!

Oh and also I want an ottoman for the end of the bed, I swear down pintrest is to blame for my lack of financial fluency and what is this trend with up cycling? I want in on that! and I’m pretty sure an ottoman is the ideal first project but lets not forget my ride is a 3 door fiat 500 lounge so lets not get ahead of ourselves as whatever I choose has to fit in Polly. Yes I named my car, but that’s a totally normal thing to do right?

And on that note, I think I’ve probably said enough to make even me realise how sad my Tuesday has become, I am one step away from buying one of those hoodies with the cat pouch for your pussy to sit in.

Yes, I said it. I think I need to get out of the house and go and be a socialist with normal people. Take a walk and find instagram inspo whilst eating granola and drinking green tea smoothies that are supposed to make your skin glow…. I’ll let you know in a blog post later next week how that’s going for me!

Bye guys x


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I am a southwest -based lifestyle blogger, editor, wifey, mummy to one small human and one fluffy spaniel. This means I am mostly found either with coffee in my hand reviewing lovely cafes, events, pop ups and other hidden gems around the countryside, mooching in the markets, with my head in a book, or hiding in my office working on my job as an editor & copywriter where the city life comes alive in me. I also used to teach pre-school, but that’s a whole other story… I write a lifestyle blog, which means I cover all subjects from food, fashion and beauty through to crafting, interiors, and travel and all the things in between. I am always looking for new and inspiring things to write about and sharing is caring so please drop me your suggestions.

8 thoughts on “11/04/2017 – PROCRASTINATION I SALUTE YOU

  1. I struggle with procrastination when I’m working from home as well. The best solution I’ve found is to change my location. I’ll pack everything up and work from the library or a Starbucks. And sometimes I just need to take a break to go on a walk or grab a snack and then I can get back to it. good luck!


  2. There are days when I struggle with procrastination when I need to get things done, but nowadays when the baby is so clingy (like they usually are haha) I’m more than happy to you know, do stuff.


  3. There are good days and bad days. I know how you feel. I’m struggling with finding time to write for my blog as I work full time at a pretty busy job. I do envy you having the ability to do this blog but it sounds like even without a job, kids and a family still keeps you very busy! Best of luck to you!


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