Why The Number On The Scales Don’t Define You

Scales don't define you

So we all know the drill, you’ve not missed a single gym trip this week, you have eaten every fruit and vegetable you have laid eyes upon and have proudly rejected every carb and cheeky chocolate cake offered to you this week. So your no longer dodging your figure in the mirror as you get dressed in the morning and you’re doing a mental happy dance as you step on the morning scales… we all know how it works. The scales will always tip one way. Your wither up a pound, or down half a pound… or even worse, the scales just don’t move. Cue the shitty feeling from expecting a very different number to what the scales have just flashed you. I guarantee she is now replaying her entire week back through her head, did she put too many rice grains in her porridge? Utter panic.

Angrily thinking “How on earth did I gain a pound?!” But wait. Rewind. Remember back to 1 minute ago before you got on those scales?  How you were secretly admiring yourself in the mirror and noticing progress. Checking out your derrière and the toning in your arms. That sense of satisfaction that the hard work was paying off! Get in! What happened to that feeling? It’s just magically erased now because some stupid little machine spit out a number that you didn’t want to see?!

Allow me let you in on a little secret. That number, the number that you see on the scale each morning as you step on it after gazing in the mirror pulling at your self, is just a number and it does not mean anything. It is almost as pointless as potato salad.  It doesn’t define you, it doesn’t represent you, and here’s the best part: no one else will ever know what that number is unless you tell them and lets face it, how often do we bend the truth when we do really say? For all you know, other people could think you weigh 10 lbs less than you actually do! Winner winner! And if they did, would it even matter? It wouldn’t magically make you weigh 10 lbs less. It’s just a perception. How you feel should be only the thing that matters! Do your clothes fit? Are you healthy? Do you feel confident in your own skin? Are you happy with yourself when you look in the mirror? If you answer yes to those questions, but for some crazy reason that dreaded number controls how you ultimately measure your progress, then maybe, just maybe, you should back away from the scale… slow and steady.. back away from the number judge. What if you just took a week off from stepping on those scales every morning and weighing yourself, I mean, what is it actually doing for you? Or, (take a seat) what about 30 days?  Or an even crazier idea, if you care to entertain it…. what if you threw the scales out the window? I mean, come on, do we even need them?

Here’s the thing. Our weight (the actual number of lbs we weigh on a given day) is influenced by more factors than you can even imagine and you can’t even control the majority of them. Maybe you did sweat your butt off and left the gym with under boob sweat and your legs are killing from spin class and maybe you are the queen of maintaining a disciplined eating regimen but you were also super stressed out about that upcoming work promotions that you have to pitch for in front of your boss, stress is a killer hormone when it comes to weight loss success so your stress worry will abruptly halt any weight loss success. Maybe you are ovulating impending that time? Maybe you are retaining water because you have accidentally eaten enough bread for an entire week. Regardless of whatever reason it is that your weight loss journey is facing, there are more things affecting your weight that you simply can’t control than things you can control. So why not just let it go and find a new way to benchmark your progress. Throw the bloody scales away. What about measuring yourself with a good old-fashioned tape measure? Because let me tell you, those numbers are real…

Or, as crazy as it sounds what about just clean eating and working out fairly and learning to love the skin you’re in. Your body is what you make it. It allows you to boss it in your yoga class, take those long Sunday strolls in the hills with your other half and SO much more. Maybe instead of hating your thunder thighs or daydreaming about a more tanned and toned core you can spend some time thanking your body for all that it does. One day, you will look back and wish you had been grateful for how you looked. I guarantee you someday you will think, whoa, I wish I would have enjoyed the days of wearing short shorts. Because, damn girl, you looked good! But you were too busy obsessing over how much you weighed to actually enjoy the body you were rocking. Weighing is numbers, they do not define you!

When it comes down too it, the bottom line is that we are so incredibly hard on ourselves. Discover a way to ease up. Find ways to be grateful to and forgiving of ourselves and our body’s. Maybe the first step for you is to learn a new way to measure your health and not your weight. Who knows what will follow? Perhaps eventually we will forgive ourselves for running all of our Saturday errands in our sweaty workout clothes and unfortunately running into the one that got away with his new blonde skinny Minnie girlfriend. Awkward! Well, let’s hold back. Let’s not get crazy here.

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12 thoughts on “Why The Number On The Scales Don’t Define You

  1. Thanks for the inspiration as I was disappointed when I stepped on the scale this morning!! You’re right..it’s just a number!!


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